A Child is a Child

Documentary: A Child Is A Child (because of other people) available on DVD with Facilitator’s Guide for educational and outreach groups

This documentary explores issues around orphans and children affected by HIV and AIDS and is a crucial part of any media collection which aims to educate, or inform about vulnerable children in South Africa and Africa. This real-life narrative follows a diverse group of children as they discover the experiences of fellow South African children. They come to realize through each other that children are children because of how they interact with others, as per the title derived from the song foregrounding the story, “A child is a child because of other people”. This lively documentary is emotive and entertaining as well as educational and informative as it explores the joys of childhood and the crossing of society’s class barriers, linked to big issues of bereavement and abandonment caused by HIV and AIDS.  An accompanying Facilitator’s Guide in English and Zulu enables this DVD to be shown to groups with follow-up discussions informed by it. This enables screening to groups whether there is a trained professional on hand or not, as the guide is “stand alone” i.e. the questions in the guide can spark valuable discussions in key areas as outlined below. The educational value is enhanced by the DVD extras, which include an interview with an HIV-positive mother, an interview with an HIV-positive child, as well as the facilitator’s guide.

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Length: 52 minutes



Listen to the song A Child is a Child (because of other children) sung by the children in the documentary: