On stage at opening night of the 3Continents Film Festival in Nantes, France – Nicolas Doyard of South African Dept of Arts and Culture announces the participation of Madoda Ncayiyana and Julie Frederikse in Script Studio, with Guillaume Mainguet of Produire au Sud


Hhola Hhola is the second film of Madoda Ncayiyana. His debut feature was Izulu Lami (My Secret Sky) which won the Cannes Pan-African Film Festival’s prestigious Dikalo award for Best Feature Film and best feature awards at festivals in Italy, Spain, India and Zanzibar.

The first film Madoda ever directed and the first film produced by Vuleka Productions was a short film that won an award at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The Sky in Her Eyes won the Djibril Diop Mambety Prize for Best African Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival’s Critics Choice Week in 2003.

The latest honour for Vuleka and Madoda is that Hhola Hhola was selected for the Script Studio of Produire au Sud (Producing with the South) in Nantes in November 2013 and Ncayiyana has been selected for a Director’s Residency in Nantes, part of the 3continents Film Festival. This prestigious filmmaking event is called “Producing with the South” because it assists directors, producers and writers to develop “World Cinema” from Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is a follow-up to Izulu Lami being selected in its development stage as a project for Produire au Sud in Nantes in 2004. As co-writer and producer of Hhola Hhola, Julie Frederikse has also travelled to Nantes for the Script Studio. Julie and Madoda are working with script consultants Miguel Machalski and Gualberto Ferrari in Nantes.

Director Madoda Ncayiyana and producer Julie Frederikse co-founded the Durban-based production company, Vuleka Productions nearly 20 years ago. They have produced TV and radio, e.g. on the first South African Sesame Street, and are co-writers of the Hhola Hhola script. In casting for the first feature film, Izulu Lami (My Secret Sky) Madoda conducted an extensive casting outreach program and saw more than 3,000 young children in order to cast child actors for his first film. He discovered amazing raw talent and two children were discovered in the township and shack settlement outside the Durban city centre who had never acted before. Many had never even been in a cinema before they were discovered by Vuleka Productions.

Tshepang Mohlomi is very talented at rapping, singing, dancing and improvising. He won Best Supporting Actor against all the best South African adult actors for the country’s top South African Film and Television Awards for his role in Izulu Lami. Madoda has already been working with Tshepang, who will play Wonder Boy in Hhola Hhola. This role requires a tour de force performance because he not only has to act as the character, but as someone who is a con man with his acting. Madoda is confident that this young boy will pull it off.

Hhola Hhola is about themes that are universal and timely, but also uniquely African: from wannabe celebrity to corruption in society and government to poor African kids being so techno-savvy that they run their lives on their cellphones.

The opportunity to develop Hhola Hhola in France is very exciting! Visit this site on this page to find out more about Vuleka’s film project over the next few months.

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