Vuleka Productions produces film, TV series, documentaries, children’s programming, video productions, radio and audio programming, print, and interactive media.

Vuleka’s award-winning productions include the feature film Izulu Lami  (My Secret Sky) and the short film, The Sky in Her Eyes.

TV productions include the first-ever South African Sesame Street TV and radio series, Takalani Sesame.  Founded in Durban, South Africa in 1993 by Madoda Ncayiyana and Julie Frederikse, Vuleka Productions also conducts media training.



Dynamic duo scoop film awards


Madoda Ncayiyana


Director and Writer

Madoda Ncayiyana is developing his second feature film, Hhola Hhola, following his award-winning debut feature, Izulu Lami (My Secret Sky). He was selected for a prestigious director’s residency for Produire au Sud (Producing with the South) Script Studio 2013, part of the 3Continents Film Festival in Nantes, France.



Julie Frederikse


Producer and Writer 

Julie Frederikse is a producer and writer with experience in feature film, short film, television and radio, as well as an author and journalist. She is currently developing and co-writing a feature film, Hhola Hhola, with director Madoda Ncayiyana.





SABC TV profile of Madoda Ncayiyana on his short film, The Sky in her Eyes, which won at Cannes and his then-forthcoming feature film, Izulu Lami/My Secret Sky

Director Madoda Ncayiyana and producer Julie Frederikse walk the red carpet at Cannes after The Sky and Her Eyes won Best African Short Film

Madoda and Julie at walk red carpet at Cannes-3